David Josue at San Pedro Martir Observatory

About Viaja Baja

Welcome to Viaja Baja, where the call of adventure meets the mystique of Baja California’s untamed landscapes. This platform is not just about travel; it’s a chronicle of my love affair with this captivating frontier since my move from Monterrey in 2011. As a photographer with a penchant for the extraordinary, I’ve found my muse in Baja’s diverse vistas.

Explore Baja, Embrace Adventure:

“Explore Baja, Embrace Adventure” – our mantra that captures the essence of Viaja Baja. Every journey here is an open invitation to the extraordinary. We’re talking about immersing yourself in a vibrant culture and unveiling the secrets of this mesmerizing land.

Curated Trails and Untouched Beaches:

Viaja Baja is your gateway to curated trails, hidden beaches, and breathtaking encounters. From the azure allure of the Sea of Cortez to the rugged Sierra de la Laguna, we guide your exploration of Baja’s pristine beauty.

Captivating Frontier, Unforgettable Journey:

My journey in photography began in film, transitioning to still photography to capture the essence of a moment. Baja California is my daily visual feast. Viaja Baja is where I share this banquet of sights with you – from La Salada’s unique terrain to the serene pines of San Pedro Martir and vibrant vineyards.

Discover Hidden Gems and Vibrant Culture:

Viaja Baja delves deep, inviting you to discover the hidden gems and rich cultural tapestry of Baja. It’s about embracing the warm hospitality of locals and letting the landscape redefine your sense of adventure.

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Your expedition into the wild and wondrous starts here. Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Viaja Baja. Explore the unseen, embrace the extraordinary, and create memories that will echo through time.

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Join us at ViajaBaja.com and start your adventure today. Let us guide you as you discover the untamed beauty and boundless adventures that Baja California offers. Get ready for awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable experiences. Warm wishes and adventurous spirits, David Josué